Mercy Ships

“No one in our world is rubbish.”

When I first heard these words on February 9th of 2013, my heart sank. They were the words of Dr. Gary Parker, the Chief Medical Officer on the Africa Mercy. He was speaking about the work that Mercy Ships was performing in Africa – the work that is inspiring worth and value into the nation and eradicating the false-belief of rubbish.

“Let my heart be broken with the things that break the heart of God.” – Robert Pierce

How could we, who have the means to help, allow people to still feel like rubbish? I was reflecting on my life and it was easy to see that I have been blessed to be able to live such an amazing life. I couldn’t stand thinking that people throughout our world feel worthless. More heartbreaking to myself, I wasn’t doing anything about it. Something was tugging at my heart to continue searching.

After hearing of the work that Mercy Ships was doing, I had a desire to see how I could serve. Finding out that the ship needed geeks got me very excited. Without any medical background, I could be apart of bringing hope and healing to the Least Developed Countries in the world through the gift of free medical care and medial capacity building.

The journey consists of working along 450 crew members, all with responsibilities that are crucial to the operation of the ship. Behind them are thousands of supporters who spiritually pray for, financial support, and emotionally encourage them throughout the journey – literally being apart of the journey through their support.

I have always been a behind the scenes guy. I would choose to be the power source behind the light, but never been seen, empowering the many lights that just need that extra encouragement or support. Opportunities for me lived in the darkness, because that’s where even the weakest lights can be seen and are often the lights that get forgotten about. I felt a calling to Mercy Ships because I could support those who are the hands and feet of the life transformation on the ship. They are the ones who take away the thought of being rubbish; I get the honor of serving them with the gifts the Lord has given me.

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