Sailing Again!

Hello Family & Friends! I have been asked to return to the Africa Mercy for a three month service as the interim I.S. manager. My flight itinerary has me booked to leave California on May 16th, just two days after my sister gets married, and now only 28 days away! (Get ready friends onboard!) I … More Sailing Again!

Update iLife Apps without iTunes Account

The following commands will remove Mac App Store receipts from iLife apps and let you update iLife apps through Software Update: rm -rf “/Applications/” rm -rf “/Applications/” rm -rf “/Applications/” mv /Applications/*.framework /Library/Frameworks/. Credit: Ben Goodstein & Rob Middleton –!topic/macenterprise/C2a1cgc_Ogg/discussion

Support Suggestion

Techies are here to fix the problem. It doesn’t matter who does it, or who gets the credit. Resist the urge to be the “winner”. It tends to lead to unintentional results. If you have something to say that you truly feel can help the situation, say it. If it helps, great!. If nobody listens to you and … More Support Suggestion