Benin – See You Later

Hello (again) World –

Things are wrapping up here in Benin. It has been an intense year. There are about 5 patients who have wounds that are finishing up healing before they will be released to return home. The wards and ORs are getting torn down, scrubbed clean, and packed for the sail. Airport runs are full of departures rather than arrivals. Transition is the topic at the water cooler – such as why we say see-you-later rather than goodbye.

My next few week plan is to sail to the Canary Islands, help get the IS services running there and then fly back to California on June 30th.  I’ll be in California for 1 month and then fly back to the Canary Islands to sail into Cameroon and spend a few weeks there to set up the IS services before returning to California on August 30th.

Date Location
May 25 – June 30 Benin / Canary Islands
June 30 – July 30 California
July 30 – Aug 30 Canary Islands / Cameroon
Aug 30 – ? California

It’s will be a busy 3 months, but I’m very ready for some change. I look forward to being home in July to see family and friends!

Please keep praying for me. You may not be able to tell from my upbeat update, but I’m hoping to get help with some big, deep, ugly issues in my life and don’t completely know what that will look like moving forward, but I trust it’s what I’m supposed to be working on next and will keep walking in faith.

Email or call me any time. I think my contact details are around here somewhere.


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