Dear Matt & Courtney

May 14, 2016

Matt and Courtney,

I am filled with joy for this day! A brother will judge every guy who comes within inches of his sister’s heart and today I hold high respect to the man who now holds her heart.

Need I remind you, today you’ve made vows to one another. An old fashioned word, I wish I could share of the magnitude of making even the simplest of a vow. However, I remind you two that you have vowed to a life of unity, to love one another, until your last breath on earth. It is a time like today that the word amazing should truly be reserved.

I must also remind you of another vow you’ve both made, that one to our Lord. You’ve both vowed to commit your life to God. This is the vow we often fail to uphold our end in. However, we see in God’s character the beauty of His Love for us – His grace and mercy will always be waiting and fulfilling his end of the vow.

I write this to make the point that you’ll never be able to keep the vow you’ve made to each other, unless you keep the first vow you’ve made to God. It’s often through the first vow that we learn how to extend grace, mercy and love to each other – recognizing how much we are loved by God and learning how He keeps his vow.

So as you walk in this new unity, I pray you’ll walk together striving together to keep your first vows, and letting God help you keep your newly committed vows to each other! You ARE loved by God, reflected by Him choosing you and you choosing Him, therefore He will never divorce your Union together.

The integrity, lessons, and love developed by keeping your first vow will uphold the keeping of your second.

In a world that can’t get enough, fast enough, I pray you’ll both slow down and rest in each others arms to discover all of which God has given you today.

What a person desires is unfailing love – Proverbs 19:22

Many claim to have unfailing love, but a faithful person who can find? – Proverbs 20:6


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