Sailing Again!

Hello Family & Friends!

I have been asked to return to the Africa Mercy for a three month service as the interim I.S. manager.

My flight itinerary has me booked to leave California on May 16th, just two days after my sister gets married, and now only 28 days away! (Get ready friends onboard!)

I will be filling in during a temporary gap between the current manager departing and the new manager arriving in July. As you can image, filling this position is an urgent need onboard so I will be flown out at the expense of the organization.

Mercy Ships upholds a model of “pay-to-serve” where crew pay monthly dues to live and serve onboard the ship. I will also be responsible for my crew fees, but Mercy Ships is working with me in the event that I can’t raise the funds under the short timeline I have.

For the three months my crew fees will total $1,680 ($560/month * 3 months = $1,680). I am very blessed that, given the urgency, I won’t be delayed do to finances!

I’ll be flying into Madagascar to join the ship and assist in preparing the ship to sail to South Africa. We will spend about 8 weeks in South Africa and then we’ll be sailing to Benin. My return date to California will be the 28th of August.

Below are a few tasks I’ll be involved in during this service.

  • I.S. Manager with some duties from last commitment as Senior Support Specialist.
  • Preparing to handover manger position to new long-term manager in July.
  • Help negotiate cell phone and internet contracts in S.A. and Benin.
  • Prepare ship to sail in Madagascar and setup I.S. equipment in Benin.
  • Infrastructure and calendar time zone changes during the sail.

Prayer is one of the biggest ways of supporting me! I do ask that you keep me in your prayers. Some specific topics are below.

  • Clear and consistent communication
  • Wisdom for decisions
  • Camaraderie and unity within the I.S. team
  • Healthy relationships
  • Confidence in position
  • Healthy and clear mind

The ship is currently in danger of a nearby cyclone that may possibly cause it to have to go out to sea and avoid being damaged in the port. Urgent prayer for wisdom and safety would be greatly appreciated for the crew and patients onboard!

I currently don’t have a way to receive financial support for my crew fees. If you would like to financially support please send me an email, write a comment or give me a call so I can keep you informed on how to help.

If God doesn’t put it on you’re heart to support me right now, please have a look at a few friends of mine who are also in need of financial support for their upcoming mission trip to Kenya!

Tim Taylor to Kenya
Sarah Brown to Kenya

Questions? If you do please give me a call, email me or send me a text message.

Mobile: +1 (559) 772-4657

Would love to hear from you!

In Christ,

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