PCH – Second Update: Flying!

Last time you heard from me I was sharing about an upcoming trip to Pioneer Christian Hospital in The Republic of Congo. Well, I just finished the first flight in that trip. I’m now sitting in the Los Angeles International Airport.

Before departure I had received 102% of the funding needed for this mission! I can’t thank everyone who has financially supported me and has been praying for me enough!

One of the big prayer points I’d asked for was that I would receive my visa approved before my departure. Your prayers were heard! My visa was returned within five days of me sending it to Washington, D.C. – over a week before I needed it! If my calculations are correct, it took one day for the embassy to process it! Furthermore, it was approved and has a 36 month, multi entry stamp! When I told Dr. Harvey, he shared that he doesn’t know of anyone receiving a 36 month, multi entry visa from Washington DC.

Another prayer point was for favor with my luggage allowance. I was able to check two bags that were just at or under 50 pounds. Prayer answered!

I’ll be flying to New York overnight and will then board a flight to South Africa tomorrow. Following that is my last consecutive flight to The Republic of Congo where I will have two days to adjust to the time difference. I have my last flight on Friday from the capital to the hospital.

In my last post I mentioned there’d be more exciting news regarding this trip. Well, I’m excited to share that I have packed a photo printer in my bag. That’s right! It’s a Canon SELPHY CP910 mobile printer with 200 sheets of 4×6 photo paper. It’s one of my goals to pay forward my gift with photography to the families I come in contact with. You can find out more at freefamilyphotos.net.

I was blessed this Sunday by my congregation and pastoral staff at my home church – South Valley Community Church. I was invited on stage to share a quick bit about this trip and was prayed over by the church. God has been by my side through each step of this trip and it’s to His glory that I seek.

So that’s it for now. Please keep praying for me and this mission. The current prayer points are that my flights are on time and I make all my connections, that my bags arrive on time and without damage, and that I am able to continue to share in a timely manner back to you!

In Christ,

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