FFP Benin Project – Kickstarter Update

Dad – Jeff, Mom – Chris, Me, Sister – Courtney

Sad and happy news, but first the sad. The FFP – Benin Project did not get fully funded on Kickstarter. But not to fear, there’s happy news! Many great things have come from this.

  1. Many people became aware of the FFP movement and Benin Project.
  2. My dad supported me. This is not his first time, but always encouraging!
  3. I was able to share about my friend Rovel.
  4. I became aware of a movement called Help-Portrait that is doing a very similar thing.
  5. My faith was strengthened.
  6. Jesus Christ was not forgotten!

The project ended up raising just over $2,000 from 15 supporters. Unfortunately, Kickstarter only collects pledges if the project is fully funded – which was set at $4,500 (the cost of the printer and supplies).

With that, there is still hope! I have received news from a friend of mine who is willing to support half of the project – that’s $2,250! I am able to cover the $224 that was not pledged on Kickstarter and, God willing, if the supporters who pledged on Kickstarter are able to continue supporting the project, the printer will be in Benin!

God always makes a way!

The next challenge is getting the printer to the ship. Please keep that and the continued support on the pledges in prayers!

Thank you for liking, sharing, praying and supporting!


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