Cardoza-Cardoza Team


I love to think back on all the time I spent with my grandpa when I was growing up. We were the Cardoza-Cardoza team. Before we would get to work, he’d say to me “Cardoza-Cardoza Lawn Mowers – ready for service.” That defined we were a team and defined the work. It’s such a fond memory.

We were also the:

  • Cardoza-Cardoza Pool Service
  • Cardoza-Cardoza Gardening Service
  • Cardoza-Cardoza Moving Service
  • Cardoza-Cardoza Plumbing Service
  • Cardoza-Cardoza Tree and Stump Removal Service
  • Cardoza-Cardoza Home Repair Service
  • Cardoza-Cardoza BBQ Construction Service

…and I’m sure many others.

He always had confidence that I could help him fix anything. We were the two guys who took on all challenges. Leaky faucet? Get the monkey wrench. Useless tree stump? Backup the Cadillac, chain them together and start to pull. We did a lot of fun things together and learned a lot of valuable lessons about life – and physics.

Just to note:

  1. The Cadillac was my grandpa’s Nissan Datsun 720. It had a manual transmission and needed lots of love to get started. We dreamed we were driving a Cadillac when we were in it. If you wanted air conditioning, you rolled down the windows. He taught me how to drive in it. Most importantly, the radio was always tuned to country.
  2. We didn’t always do things the right way, but we tried everything we knew. Our slogan could have been necessity is the mother of invention.

2 thoughts on “Cardoza-Cardoza Team

  1. Loving your blog already. I for one am so proud of you and I can see your grandpa (Butch) smiling with such joy.

    Much love baby,
    Meme {{HUGS}}


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